Monday, February 4, 2013

Another year another blog post!

OK, I'm guilty as charged folks...I haven't blogged at all since last March.
Its been a crazy year to say the least. Some months better than others. I had my last Al Salerno Photography Tour last summer thanks to cooking myself and my models alive in 100 degree weather. (NEVER AGAIN) But at the same time made great strides in my "Sweet Home Virginia" by the end of the year to connect with even more amazing pageant people (Miss VA USA...WOOOP!). 2013 is already gearing up to be a much more sane year simply with the addition of my new home at Union 206 Studios. (more to follow on that)

If I could sum up 2012 in one word it would be "thin". The lesson that is I learned in trying to reach farther in my goals and life. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to spread yourself out thin, because it leaves you more vulnerable to disaster and disappointment.
And in many ways that's exactly what I was......disappointed. But with disappointment usually follows clarity. Clarity to see your own faults and where you went wrong. Clarity to realize you need not make more friends, when the ones you have probably aren't the right ones anyway. To trust yourself more and the love from others you don't really know, less. To still be out going, but learn when you overstayed your welcome. To still be charitable, but not a doormat. To appreciate the ones you love, who also show you everyday that they love you too.

So in closing for my first and hopefully not last blog post of the year...I can never regret anything I have done in the past, because its is after all now in my past. And without our pasts we can not learn to move ahead forward.So what about photography you ask? Well like Sinatra used to sing "The best is yet to come".

 For all my tried and true fans, I thank you for all the love support and helps on those days when you feel like no one really gives a crap. For the people I have yet to work with, are going to get the better version of me than the year before. The upgrade, the 2.0, the next chapter that will prove to be better than the last....Now lets get back to doing what I do best....YOU!!!



  1. Beautiful photography Al! You really know how to capture the beauty and sultriness of you models. When Im ready for my glamour shot I know who I am calling! I look forward to seeing your next blog post.
    - Susan