Monday, February 4, 2013

A Look Back on 2012 :Miss Virginia USA 2012 - Catherine Muldoon

Dare I go for broke and blog two days in a row?  Yes I guess I owe it to myself.  I do not assume I have any "fans" in the truest form following everything that I do...that would be quite scary.  Still after a long weekend it would seem more of a good idea to reflect than tackle the pile of things I have to do on a Monday....

So instead over the next few posts I will take a small look back at 2012 at just a few images and shoots which I have fond memories of.

The first I will start with is Miss Virginia USA 2012 : Catherine Muldoon.

Catherine was the first Miss VA USA queen to accept my prize being a sponsor of the Miss Virginia & Miss Virginia Teen USA pageant system.  Needless to say I was quite nervous.  Why? Well to start off let me just tell you, I'm always nervous before a shoot...I been told its these nerves that keep a photographer sharp and always looking to reinvent themselves.  A seasoned photographer of 20 years once told me, "The day I stop being nervous before a shoot is the day I stop shooting!"   And I am tending to agree with him everyday.  She was looking forward to my shoot because I was not the typical crown & sash pageant photographer. OK that made me even more what do we shoot?  How do we come up with an idea.  Thankfully I have the mind of a small child and saw these gorgeous locks of blonde hair...blonde hair who has blonde hair?   Who embodies power beauty and well the American way...?  Super Girl was the obvious choice.  I sought out to find the most tasteful yet characteristic costume I could find.  Thankfully a new line of higher quality costumes came out last year and we were able to capture her in a comic book inspired theme.  Catherine was quite easy to work with.  She took direction well and left 90% of the shoot in my hands.  I am ever so grateful to her for trusting me with the concept of her shoot.

 We had a blast and she even went so far as to mention me in her farewell speak at the close of the Miss Virginia USA 2013 pageant as she took her last walk.  Not expecting it, such a small gesture yet it resonated with me in such a great way.

I will be selling this very costume on Ebay this year and donate the money to Hurricane Sandy Relief in Catherine's name. (I'll post it here once its up)

Thank you Catherine for an amazing day and such a tremendous memory.

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