Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A look back on 2012: Haley Bohon - The Virginia Darling

Sometimes in life we actually enjoy being right about a person, meeting Haley was one of those times. A clever soft spoken mature teen from Bristol, VA Haley surpassed any preconceived ideas I had about a modern day teenager. Wise beyond her years she struck me as more a woman of 28 than the typical teen.

And that was of coarse confirmed once I actually chatted with her both on set and off set.  Sure she still does the Facebook thing and tweets pics of herself in the mirror like most young women her age (and older), but she certainly can handle an adult conversation regarding things like friendships, future goals and family more than most.
  We had a long day ahead of us, it was summer, it was hot and rain was expected that day.  Haley jumped into the first pose and we went right to work.  She listened to every pointer I gave her and never took her eye off my camera nor broke concentration from the task at hand, which was getting her awesome images before the skies unleashed hell on our less than cozy day in Richmond, VA heat.  I had the opportunity for Haley to shoot with a dress designed and created by a good friend of mine and up and coming fashion designer Alexandra Grecco.  The dress was perfect and Haley was perfect for the dress.  I did my best to keep both the dress and Haley as safe and cool as possible.  We picked a great spot under a shady tree and kept at it.  One outfit down two to go.  Second outfit change, Haley and the MUA (Makeup Artist) go back to the hotel to make some changes to her hair and face for the next outfit. 

 When out of nowhere the skies opened up and unleashed what I thought would be my last few moments on earth.  Lucky for me I was very close to a bridge and found a dry place to bring all my gear.  But for a few seconds though I thought I would wake up in the land of OZ.
See Video Here  Thankfully it soon past and we got back into the rest of our shoot and while it was still very humid out, the temps did drop about 20 degrees by dusk. 

 Shooting with amazing gals like Haley will always make me proud to shoot in the state of Virginia and keep me coming back time and time again.  It keeps me loving what I do.  
 Every job and model opportunity comes with its share of challenges, lets face it not every person had the same parents or interprets life and people the same way.  However, sometimes life throws you a straight pitch right over the plate once in a great while, where you almost have to feel fate was involved.  This for the simple reason to affirm you that you are on the right path and your work both as a person and a photographer is affecting other peoples lives, even if its in a very small way.
I will always cherish my shoot with Haley Bohon, or as I have nicknamed her "BonBon"

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