Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is the Price of Technology?

So I'm noticing this new trend in ultra slim camera bodies with standard SLR lenses you can use. Sony has sunk a ton of advertising into their new NEX-5 and NEX-7 camera systems (MSRP 1999.99)....  Now don't get me wrong I love gadgets especially new ones,  and this new smaller form factor is a great convenience for people who are tired of lugging around huge SLR cameras out on casual day trips just to capture some decent images. That being said it also further opens this huge hole by which no more talent amateurs with access to an expensive camera such as this, can further their cause of cranking out more home made porn and badly composed well taken photography. So what is your take on it? Either as a general hobbyist or a semi pro or professional photographer? Do you think technology has it's disadvantages to it's cause as well as it's advantages?. Much like texting has been the death of the modern phone call, does technology also remove from that which it tries to improve?

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