Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings in 2012!

So since I skipped a year I decided to start things off this year actually posting things. (One thing helping my iPhone app for Blogger) One day I'll get around to back logging my 2011 year. So here is to things to come and things to be explored! So far my only disappointment is I had planned on going to Hawaii in Feb. I had a connection and a plan, unfortunately you can only plan so much by yourself. My hat goes off to Miss Hawaii Kai 2010, for screwing up my plans. It is quite a shame that some people can't say YES when they mean YES and NO when they mean NO. Today's norm is just ignore the person and the problem will go away. Here's hoping this approach isn't applied to our nations leaders or we'd wake up with troops storming the Jersey shore, and it won't be to see Snookie. But none the less my travels will be taking me to LA to reconnect with a childhood friend whom I haven't seen in over 15 years, and this will prove to be a better more meaningful experience than a few amateur bikini models on an island full of the same amateur bikini models.

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