Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is the Price of Technology?

So I'm noticing this new trend in ultra slim camera bodies with standard SLR lenses you can use. Sony has sunk a ton of advertising into their new NEX-5 and NEX-7 camera systems (MSRP 1999.99)....  Now don't get me wrong I love gadgets especially new ones,  and this new smaller form factor is a great convenience for people who are tired of lugging around huge SLR cameras out on casual day trips just to capture some decent images. That being said it also further opens this huge hole by which no more talent amateurs with access to an expensive camera such as this, can further their cause of cranking out more home made porn and badly composed well taken photography. So what is your take on it? Either as a general hobbyist or a semi pro or professional photographer? Do you think technology has it's disadvantages to it's cause as well as it's advantages?. Much like texting has been the death of the modern phone call, does technology also remove from that which it tries to improve?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions...

So whats your resolution for 2012? Are you going on the essential diet like I am? I gained a whopping 40lbs last year due to pure laziness. Or are you dropping the major vices like smoking or drinking? For some it means a clean slate, for others it's just a year beginning tradition that only lasts about two weeks.
For my photography a new years resolution means taking the time to step back and examine my work and decide if it isn't time to try something new. I'm one of those people who is rarely content with the same thing over and over again. (Except maybe sushi 6 days a week).
The world has become so content with mediocre photography. While digital photography has made so many advancements one thing it hasn't advanced is it's ability to teach people the concept of basic composition and design. This constant immediate gratification of just because the magic 8 ball LCD in the back of the camera made an image appear that it's automatically worthy to post to the worked as a finished work has completely ruined almost all types of photography, but it's most obvious in the digital glamour realms.
Now for some, I come off as a very cocky self proclaimed "God" among mortals. On the contrary, I may take pride in the things I have accomplished but this by no means translates into knowing it all. As it stands what I believe and what I have been taught by photographers better than I; is when the nerves stop and the constant need to self improve sis to exist, it's time to hang up the camera straps. So here is to a new year filled with a new perspective, new enthusiasms (40lbs less photographer to lug around)

What are your thoughts? What are your photographic ambitions?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings in 2012!

So since I skipped a year I decided to start things off this year actually posting things. (One thing helping my iPhone app for Blogger) One day I'll get around to back logging my 2011 year. So here is to things to come and things to be explored! So far my only disappointment is I had planned on going to Hawaii in Feb. I had a connection and a plan, unfortunately you can only plan so much by yourself. My hat goes off to Miss Hawaii Kai 2010, for screwing up my plans. It is quite a shame that some people can't say YES when they mean YES and NO when they mean NO. Today's norm is just ignore the person and the problem will go away. Here's hoping this approach isn't applied to our nations leaders or we'd wake up with troops storming the Jersey shore, and it won't be to see Snookie. But none the less my travels will be taking me to LA to reconnect with a childhood friend whom I haven't seen in over 15 years, and this will prove to be a better more meaningful experience than a few amateur bikini models on an island full of the same amateur bikini models.