Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!!!

Well its hard to believe the end of the year is finally here. It seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new one honestly. But over all and although this blog is new, I have had some very great photography highlights. So many great faces, great places and new people I have met. My Facebook page pretty much exploded from a little less than 325 people to now well over 700. Its a great feeling to know that you are at least somewhat making a mark on the world, or at least a few

I have been pretty Christmas-less for the past few years, have not really been in the greatest state of mind overall. But for some reason and maybe its obvious, I really will cherish this holiday out of a long list of less than exuberant ones. The magic of Christmas in def in the air and I feel like celebrating. From the bottom of my heart I wish anyone and everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blistering Winter Shoot: Sucess

Today I had a shoot with Toni Marie Schryer. It was I have to say one of those shoots where at first you feel like maybe it should have be more planned, but ended up becoming a huge success. And though Toni has never modeled before, her demeanor and poise thorough the weather challenging day said otherwise. We started out around 10 AM with an average temp of around 42 Degrees. Makeup was done by Josie Collorafi, who can deliver the most amazing looks in now to be proven the harshest working conditions. Toni arrived ready to work, she didn't complain once as the winds kicked up to 15-20 MPH as Josie began to apply her makeup with frozen hands. As I stood there myself freezing from the gale winds, I even at one point asked myself if I had just gotten in way over my head and now dragged two other poor souls along. There with us a small entourage who came to support Toni that included her sister who also helped me a tremendous amount with my gear. It was as if everyone was there to support and rally Toni as she ventured into the unknown world of glamour modeling. There her friends sat huddled like Emperor Penguins on an ice cap patiently waiting the moment of shooting. I marched onward to go setup my lights while the girls finished up their work. Just when I thought my lighting was setup a dark cloud came and washed out my sun. I seriously doubted the success of this day.
We shot for the next several hours in a variety of changing weather conditions, from snow flurries to periods of dark and cloudy skies. Eventually the sky opened up and we were able to work with some degree of continuity. Not once did Toni complain, although it was very apparent she was cold from the occasional chattering lips and goose bumps on her shoulders. Still whatever I asked of her she delivered and delivered without fuss. In the end we came away with some amazing shots, and I learned something about both myself and other people as well. I also learned that shooting outdoors in Northern NJ past November is suicidal...LOL But I think you'll agree, if you’re working with the right people....anything is possible. Toni has since been nicked named "the model" by her friends. I am hoping that she takes the next step to at least explore the possibility of doing some modeling even as a side endeavor....who knows it might change her life or just be something to tell stories about later on in life. Either way it was amazing to be a part of it.