Friday, November 19, 2010

There are good people out there...you just have to look harder.

Today I found myself in awe of people. Sometimes it seems we need to take a step back and really see how many good people there are in the world. I'm probably the biggest cynic when it comes to trusting people today. But recently Ive had reason to doubt my normal feelings just simply because I experienced people acting like genuine people for a change. It might be misconstrued as general attention or genuine interest. But I believe that even though our society has become more of a virtual world, it is still possible to show people exactly who you are, you just have to give them a chance to see the real you. I will say this for the new "social network", it may have been born out of rage and angst...but it is most definitely full of some very positive and uplifting people.


  1. I like your concept and there are some fine people in this distant world. I beleive a truely good person is one who does a good deed when no one is looking and doesn't tell anyone about it. They just do it. Try to capture those people.

  2. Thanks for your comment..(and being my first at that) Its really based on an ideal that today we are becoming a true internet based society. That young people and old are losing the ability to relate to anyone outside their immediate world quite simply cause our social lives now co-exist in a world without eye contact and human perception. This is very apparent when trying to converse with most teenagers today who are vigorously glued to their cell phones that ironically are used more for text than for talking...Since the internet can allow a greater mask to the individual than we could ever poses in person, there are more people out there who are how should we state, less than honest about who they are, what their intentions are or if they even care about anyone else....indeed capturing truly honest people by way of photography is just one of the many ways I keep myself inspired in this work. I find myself more eager to create a finished product for those whom I shoot that I feel are genuinely good people. I know that probably sounds biased....but its an interesting phenomenon I have only recently discovered as a photographer.