Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lingerie Football League: Philly Passion Team Party

Last night I was privileged enough to attend the Philadelphia Passion's Team Party at the Public House in historic downtown Philadelphia, PA. The girls were there to promote their team and celebrate a great 2010 season so far. Having only spoken on Facebook with a few team members I wasn't sure what to expect in meeting any of the other glamorous athletes. To my surprise they were well beyond what you would expect from people in the spot light. Friendly, warm and having genuine interest in their devoted fans; these gals are the real deal when it comes to genuine people. And though they may be judged by some because they play football in such little attire, they are more than just what they bare or don't wear. I think one of the best features about the LFL over the NFL are their approachability to their fans. After every LFL game the entire team lines up to meet and greet their fans. I never heard of that at an NFL game, and if they did they'd probably charge you for it.
If you have never gone to a Lingerie Football Game, I suggest you experience it just once. I myself am not even much of a football fan. But I appreciate the team atmosphere, comradeship and genuine feeling of welcome these women portray on and off the field. It will certainly make you change the way we judge glamorous people. And who knows you may like myself come away with a few new friends.

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