Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to Basics:
So here i am back at the gym wondering why it took me two weeks to get back here....just hope i can refocus at this the end of the year, before two of the biggest eating orgy holidays arrive. Why do i give myself these challenges?... Heres hoping 2011 brings some continued diligence to self preservation.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lingerie Football League: Philly Passion Team Party

Last night I was privileged enough to attend the Philadelphia Passion's Team Party at the Public House in historic downtown Philadelphia, PA. The girls were there to promote their team and celebrate a great 2010 season so far. Having only spoken on Facebook with a few team members I wasn't sure what to expect in meeting any of the other glamorous athletes. To my surprise they were well beyond what you would expect from people in the spot light. Friendly, warm and having genuine interest in their devoted fans; these gals are the real deal when it comes to genuine people. And though they may be judged by some because they play football in such little attire, they are more than just what they bare or don't wear. I think one of the best features about the LFL over the NFL are their approachability to their fans. After every LFL game the entire team lines up to meet and greet their fans. I never heard of that at an NFL game, and if they did they'd probably charge you for it.
If you have never gone to a Lingerie Football Game, I suggest you experience it just once. I myself am not even much of a football fan. But I appreciate the team atmosphere, comradeship and genuine feeling of welcome these women portray on and off the field. It will certainly make you change the way we judge glamorous people. And who knows you may like myself come away with a few new friends.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interior Designs by CK Design, Inc.

This morning I shot a gorgeous living room in a home in Park Ridge, NJ for Christy Kohler of CK Design Inc. Its truly amazing to see the finished product of a persons artistic expression, especially when you have an opportunity like I have to see things in the before stage as well. Much like a portait shoot with a model, everything is usually plane and dull in appearance till the right, light makeup and exposure settings are applied. The same for a bare walled room. With the right design applied, paint and trim people like Christy can turn an ordinary living space into something more amazing than even anyone expected from conception. I was happy to be given the opportunity to imortalize her talent in just one of the many living spaces in this area of NJ. To see some of Christy's other projects, check out her website here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

There are good people out just have to look harder.

Today I found myself in awe of people. Sometimes it seems we need to take a step back and really see how many good people there are in the world. I'm probably the biggest cynic when it comes to trusting people today. But recently Ive had reason to doubt my normal feelings just simply because I experienced people acting like genuine people for a change. It might be misconstrued as general attention or genuine interest. But I believe that even though our society has become more of a virtual world, it is still possible to show people exactly who you are, you just have to give them a chance to see the real you. I will say this for the new "social network", it may have been born out of rage and angst...but it is most definitely full of some very positive and uplifting people.

Newly Inspired Blog

Ironically a good friend of mine and model Alicia Demerson just started a new blog as shell be traveling abroad with her career. Having some prior expierience with blogger I decided to create my own now that I will be following her blog as well. (and cause my iweb blog is a royal pain to I wish her all the best in her new persuit and hope it leads her back to the states where she is loved and cherished by friends and family.